International Trade Commission

ITC 337 Investigations are fast-paced and may present many challenges for both the claimant and respondent. Along with these challenges, the search and selection of an expert witness can prove to be a critical and perilous task. However, the keys to a successful expert witness search are the same for both parties of a 337 Investigation.

Due to ITC Investigations moving three times faster than district court litigation, delaying the start of your expert search wastes valuable time and yields the advantage to the early starter—claimant or respondent. Along with preparing for ITC’s rapid nature, it is important to give sufficient time to research and prepare the expert report. Otherwise, the expert’s performance in the proceeding may be in jeopardy.

When choosing an expert witness or firm, experience matters. Search firms that fail to grasp the urgency, lack knowledge of the ITC process, or do not value the criticality of an expert witness can easily result in poor search results that delay expert selection.

ExpertLink knows that nothing but the most capable and experienced expert is required in an ITC proceeding. The credibility and effectiveness of the expert witness is also of paramount importance.

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